Eat Divine, BE Divine. Eating from the earth not only nurtures our body, but also our spirit and mind. Why eat our living, four-legged family, when TMH’s provide these tasty, superfoods in our beautiful Mother Earth. If you could save a living soul everyday by not only saving animals but saving yourself from health fatalities, disease or even death…Would you?

Looks tasty right? Would you believe me if I said every bit of food in this photo is vegan?

This is just one of my many homemade brunches. This brunch consists of: organic bread with flax, sunflower and sesame seeds | Swiss chard | tomato | bell pepper | red onion | avocado | cilantro | portobello mushroom 》Baked sliced potatoes | garlic | avocado, red onion & cilantro *all veggies(even bread) sautéed except cilantro & avocado* And to drink, freshly squeezed lemon into my evian water.

Express compassion not only with yourself but with the whole world.

13 Love


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