When people fathom Immunizations they think, prevention of various diseases and something ABSOLUTELY essential to survive in life. If we actually sat down and thought, immunizing our children may have more negative effects… than good ones. Where as, raising our children with the help of our beautiful Mother Earth… There is only divine help rather than a risk associated!  Truth of Vaccines

As a mother I thought to myself. Am I really comfortable with allowing someone I barely know inject my daughter with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce?

If anyone knows, I KNOW. I am an invigorate, vegan  mother of a 5 month, un-immunized beautiful, beyond healthy baby girl. She has had 3 different pediatricians and they all said the same thing, “Wow, your baby girl is so healthy!” Ever since she was born she has NEVER had any complications whatsoever, only thing she does have is hereditary which is Eczema. BUT, that only effects the skin and there are numerous natural ways to cure it. As of today, her skin is absolutely perfect. All love and thanks to AMMA. (Mother Earth)

While I was pregnant, all I ate was Certified Organic, NON Genetically Modified Food. So no artificial, harmful pesticides were in my daily diet. And, I delivered naturally with NO epidural. Therefore, my baby was developed the most precious way.

My husband and I foresaw that raising our daughter naturally, we would go through criticism because not the everyday parents raise their children this way. However, We always kept in mind, Our Child, Our Choice. At the end of day, we KNOW the infinite benefits of relying on the Earth’s abundance rather than the mislead death foods provided by the government.

So, a healthy baby doesn’t necessarily mean an immunized baby. A healthy baby means, caring and giving your baby the UTMOST aid and doing RESEARCH before believing word of mouth of people who live by “traditions.”

Now, I love showing off my baby girl because she is the product of purity and divinity. In addition to, the product of relying stricktly on nature.



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