Do you ever wonder, if there is MORE to life than JUST pursuing work or school? Ultimately leading to thinking, doing and worrying about being happy…rather than money.

“Well this is the society we live in, how can we not worry about money?” One may ask.

One may be true. However, do not let money CONSUME our everyday thoughts, admirations, or priorities.

At the end of the day, money is paper, it is replaceable. If you worry about not having money, do not worry further because it will always find a way back in your pocket. (And that is all up to you of course)

Life is so beautiful without having to stress over tangible things that are so easily accessible and replaceable.

So, I’m not saying to not work or go to school. Because of the society we live in, we must have money in order to buy essentials in life.

I’m SAYING to get out of the mindset that we NEED money in order for us to feel fulfilled.

Think about it, if one day the government elimates the Federal Reserve and money is worthless and all the tangible things around us disappear… what happens then? What really is worth our energy?

LOVE. KNOWING THYSELF. And living for a divine purpose, which is to acheive becoming our greatest version.

Rather than being a slave in this material world, let’s learn to find our true meaning of life within ourselves. 

13 Love


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