BEAUTY PRODUCTS ARE SLOWLY KILLING US. HOW CAN THE U.S. NOT BAN TOXIC INGREDIENTS IN OUR MAKEUP? If this country doesn’t ban lethal toxins in our cosmetics, you can imagine what else they allow to be infected…

Ladies, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. So Beautiful enough to enjoy makeup that is ANIMAL FRIENDLY, and consisting of no chemicals that actually HARM us externally & internally in the long run. There is such thing as VEGAN makeup! Vegan/Organic makeup that is 100% natural and actually REPAIRS our skin & bodies to look and feel amazing. 

This is one site that uses totally organic and vegan ingredients in makeup. Now, the prices may be a little higher than normal makeup. However, is it worth spending less on beauty makeup that is gradually poisoning us, or spending more for healthy, nourishing makeup that is gradually repairing us?!

Women, love yourselves enough to let go of these chemically-induced makeup brands. I know how much you want your “eyebrows fleeked,” but just fonder on the danger of every brush stroke and every eye liner arch, is doing to our bodies that we cannot even see?

We are beautiful, we are strong, let’s make it a trend to utilize organic, vegan makeup. Makeup that will make you healthy, & look, feel divinely.

Divine Within & Without.

13 Love 



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