Being positive is the only beneficial way of living life. Beneficial for the mind, body & spirit to sprout healthily. This post is may be cliche however, many humans fail to make positivity a habit rather than an occasional stepping stone.

In my personal experience, positive thinking saved me. I went thru a distressful depression for a few years. And because of negative & suicidal thinking, that led me to have health problems. High blood pressure, vomiting, anxiety attacks etc.

Once I finally forgave & found genuine happyness within myself, I led a beeutiful life that made me never want to go back!

Dr. Emoto conducted an experiment that showed the effects of positive & negative affirmations on frozen water crystals.

Negative thoughts not only effect our mood, they break everything down that is composed of us. Same goes with positive thoughts, however they rise our mood & effect everything we are by ascending us to a life full of light!

Cancer patients have even developed a positive way of life and even beat their disease! Positive Thinking Changes Lives

Just as the legend Bob Marley said, “Don’t worry, Be Happy.”

“Let’s Get Together & Feel Alright”

13 Love






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