The Sun is vital for our lives. The sun provides us with the growth of nutrients we need to survive. Thru photosynthesis, all of our food is created… because of the Sun. With Sun there is life, without Sun there is no life.

NO. Sunlight is NOT a cause for skin cancer. Sunlight actually protects AGAINST cancer. Because of lack of sunlight, many health problems may arise. No Sun=Problems Within Ourselves


Obtaining knowledge of beautiful light frequencies may activate our DNA coding by receiving sunlight. The light codes from the Sun are what is essential for our brain activity to work at its highest degree. Intuition, happiness, and health are just a few things that rise because of our bodies receiving LIGHT. We are able to become our Higher Self because of sunlight, because of light awakening our pineal gland and affecting our whole soul to become our greatest version. Pineal & DNA Activation

DNA Activation-2

Now, it is less possible to benefit from the Sun when your diet isn’t right. Fluoride, coffee, and a poor diet is toxic for our pineal gland. Thus lowering our vibration, our body immunity and our brain activity. AND making us more prone to get sun burned rather than a beautiful tan. Enjoy the Sun More With a Good Diet

So let’s take advantage of the beautiful sun, and not listen to negative people saying negative things of our life source. 

Let’s get together & enjoyyyy the Sunnnn.

13 Love


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