Deciding whether to bottle feed or breast feed is a significant decision that impacts not only the baby’s life but the mother’s also. Families need to know the vital difference and benefits on providing our babies with the ultimate nutrition, naturally. The BEST way. Now, there are times when mothers are unable to produce milk and are FORCED to give formula to their babies. However, mothers that HAVE the choice to do either or, NEED to research what will save our babies… and not what is “said” via word of mouth.


Bottle Feeding, Formula. Yes. it is convenient to not deal with nipple pain and letting others feed our babies. However,  is it the absolute best for our babies?

Think about it. Formula is made artificially to ATTEMPT to meet the outstanding nutrients breast milk contains. Made in a lab genetically by scientists. (Does not mean caring what goes in formula either).

In addition, the bottle nipple is a damage to babies natural development.

“One study showed that the rate of misaligned teeth (malocclusion) requiring orthodontics could be cut in half if infants were breastfed for one year. Bottle-feeding requires a different tongue action than breastfeeding does, and over time may affect the growth and development of oral and facial tissue. Sucking on bottle nipples, pacifiers, and even thumbs and fingers can eventually affect the shape of a baby’s palate, jaw, teeth, and facial structure.” Breastfeeding Over Bottlefeeding

Whereas, breast milk is non genetically made within our bodies. And our bodies will NOT add anything devastational to our babies. Providing our babies with THE BEST.

My beautiful baby is exclusively breast fed, unvaccinated and absolutely 100% perfectly, divinely, healthy. I talk more of my babies journey as a natural baby completely dependent on our Mother Earth’s abundance at an older post: Un-immunized Baby… Great!


It is OUR choice as parents to research what is utterly most important for our beautiful babies development.

Let’s provide one another with this severe knowledge that could potentially save many babies lives.

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