As our little ones grow month by month, we yearn to provide our babies the utmost foods that alkaline our beautiful babies bodies. And of course parents want the absolute best, better than we were given, for our children. As a mommy to a 6 month old, I care desperately not only what I eat (because I breastfeed) but what my baby eats.

Forget the dollar signs. Pay attention to what is actually beneficial for our little ones to receive nourishment and sprout like a divine flower.

I, personally go to Publix to do my shopping because simply there are many more fresh, vegan products (Of course there are many other healthy, natural food stores out there). And for baby food I love buying the “Sprout” brand because it’s USDA Organic and literally only the ingredients of whatever fruit/ vegetable it is (I’m not a sponsor I just simply love the brand). It is wonderful that “Sprout” has different mixtures of fruits and vegetables, and not only that but my baby enjoys every spoonful!

Front of the product and back are truthful! Yes to Organic! Sprout Baby Food

Many other baby food brands consist of acids and artificial chemicals that our babies SHOULD NOT HAVE AT ALL. Way to notice these are by simply reading the ingredients. One tip is on the front of whatever you’re buying, DO NOT BELIEVE IT. Always read the ingredients because companies may make anything sound more healthy on the front of the box however, they cannot lie on the back. Do Not Let Food Products Trick You

So, choose wisely. It may take more time out of the day to look at the ingredients, but those extra minutes are extremely valuable when our health AND our babies health is on the line. 

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