Who doesn’t own a piece of technology?

Who doesn’t watch T.V. everyday?

Who doesn’t think T.V. is harmless?

“If humans didn’t dwell on their individual desires, the world would be saved.” Unknown

Studies have shown that watching more than 2 hours of T.V. a day brings social, physical, and even mental deterioration.
I have noticed this with my toddler, Hera. When I show her more than two hours of T.V. in a single day, her behavior completely flips. She sleeps later, and sleeps less soundly through out the night. Also her behavior changes to a more stubborn child. Plus her severe development is also altered, because any stacking of boxes, or even talking is a step up in their development. Anything opposite of that is decreasing of development.

Staring at a screen, has no benefits but keeps us entertained. Why not value our time elsewhere that actually enhances us as humans? For example, learning a new instrument, new language, or even starting a business. The time consumed on watching other people’s problems, exciting lives, success is wasted talent. Wasted life in front of screen. As humans we’re meant to live abundantly and create new substantial memories.

Let’s let go of these screens and live more fillingly.



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