~ Benefits of Meditation ~

Good, beautiful rising my stars.

Everyday and all around us, it seems all there is and all there ever will be is negativity. Negative news reports. Negative family members. Negative bosses. And I can just keep going on.

Everything and everybody that gives off this negative energy that makes them and even us feel a bad emotion is NOT CONNECTED with themselves, with anybody, or anyone around them.

What do I mean by this?

The most happiest, loving people in this world are connected within themselves. With everything and everyone around them. Due to disciplining oneself with positive emotions even in low times in ones life.


Can You Really Look Better After 2 Kids?

Good rising my stars.

I want to share my secret on how I was able to lose all of my pregnancy weight AND be less than my pre-pregnancy weight.

Mommy’s whom feel insecure from them love handles and that c-section belly, now we finally have answer. I have had a natural birth and a cesarean. I know the struggles! Plus I had my 2 children 18 months apart so my time to exercise is limited!

All because of the simplest drink that anybody can make from home, and that is so refreshing for your thirst.

Are you ready for my secret?

You sure?

Ok here it goes! …

  1. Get a glass of water.
  2. Add slices of cucumber & lemon (2-3 slices each).
  3. And some honey.
  4. Stir. And enjoy feeling energized and lighter.

Fried foods and genetically modified foods are all super flammable to our bodies. Therefore, this is what interrupts our bodies natural rhythm. And this leads to obesity, diabetes, heart failure, etc.

My secret Healthy Shedding Drink can not only delete fat from that waistline, but also have many benefits for our health.

Fast weight loss

Aids with Kidney stones

Lowers High Blood Pressure

Improve quality of skin, hair, and nails

Immune function

This drink is honestly my favorite. It tastes great and it does its work for me. Don’t be alarmed since it’s something you’re not used to. But if you want to lose weight and be healthy how bad do you want to? You must be uncomfortable to make a change, how uncomfortable are you?

Can you really look better after 2 kids, or even 10 kids? Most definitely.

Enjoy this secret Healthy Shedding drink, and tell me how it works for you. ūüôā

Thus Be Divine 13

Cease the Black Screen

Who doesn’t own a piece of technology?

Who doesn’t watch T.V. everyday?

Who doesn’t think T.V. is harmless?

“If humans didn’t dwell on their individual desires, the world would be saved.” Unknown

Studies have shown that watching more than 2 hours of T.V. a day brings social, physical, and even mental deterioration.
I have noticed this with my toddler, Hera. When I show her more than two hours of T.V. in a single day, her behavior completely flips. She sleeps later, and sleeps less soundly through out the night. Also her behavior changes to a more stubborn child. Plus her severe development is also altered, because any stacking of boxes, or even talking is a step up in their development. Anything opposite of that is decreasing of development.

Staring at a screen, has no benefits but keeps us entertained. Why not value our time elsewhere that actually enhances us as humans? For example, learning a new instrument, new language, or even starting a business. The time consumed on watching other people’s problems, exciting lives, success is wasted talent. Wasted life in front of screen. As humans we’re meant to live abundantly and create new substantial memories.

Let’s let go of these screens and live more fillingly.


Shopping Smart For Our little Ones

As our little ones grow month by month, we yearn to provide our babies the utmost foods that alkaline our beautiful babies bodies. And of course parents want the absolute best, better than we were given, for our children. As a mommy to a 6 month old, I care desperately not only what I eat (because I breastfeed) but what my baby eats.

Forget the dollar signs. Pay attention to what is actually beneficial for our little ones to receive nourishment and sprout like a divine flower.

I, personally go to Publix to do my shopping because simply there are many more fresh, vegan products (Of course there are many other healthy, natural food stores out there). And for baby food I love buying the “Sprout” brand because it’s USDA Organic and literally only the ingredients of whatever fruit/ vegetable it is (I’m not a sponsor I just simply love the brand). It is wonderful that “Sprout” has different mixtures of fruits and vegetables, and not only that but my baby enjoys every spoonful!

Front of the product and back are truthful! Yes to Organic! Sprout Baby Food

Many other baby food brands consist of acids and artificial chemicals that our babies SHOULD NOT HAVE AT ALL. Way to notice these are by simply reading the ingredients. One tip is on the front of whatever you’re buying, DO NOT BELIEVE IT. Always read the ingredients because companies may make anything sound more healthy on the front of the box however, they cannot lie on the back. Do Not Let Food Products Trick You

So, choose wisely. It may take more time out of the day to look at the ingredients, but those extra minutes are extremely valuable when our health AND our babies health is on the line. 

13 Love

Breastfeeding OVER Bottle Feeding

Deciding whether to bottle feed or breast feed is a significant decision that impacts not only the baby’s life but the mother’s also. Families need to know the vital difference and benefits on providing our babies with the ultimate nutrition, naturally. The BEST way. Now, there are times when mothers are unable to produce milk and are FORCED to give formula to their babies. However, mothers that HAVE the choice to do either or, NEED to research what will save our babies… and not what is “said” via word of mouth.


Bottle Feeding, Formula. Yes. it is convenient to not deal with nipple pain and letting others feed our babies. However,  is it the absolute best for our babies?

Think about it. Formula is made artificially to ATTEMPT to meet the outstanding nutrients breast milk contains. Made in a lab genetically by scientists. (Does not mean caring what goes in formula either).

In addition, the bottle nipple is a damage to babies natural development.

“One study showed that the rate of misaligned teeth (malocclusion) requiring orthodontics could be cut in half if infants were breastfed for one year. Bottle-feeding requires a different tongue action than breastfeeding does, and over time may affect the growth and development of oral and facial tissue. Sucking on bottle nipples, pacifiers, and even thumbs and fingers can eventually affect the shape of a baby‚Äôs palate, jaw, teeth, and facial structure.”¬†Breastfeeding Over Bottlefeeding

Whereas, breast milk is non genetically made within our bodies. And our bodies will NOT add anything devastational to our babies. Providing our babies with THE BEST.

My beautiful baby is exclusively breast fed, unvaccinated and absolutely 100% perfectly, divinely, healthy. I talk more of my babies journey as a natural baby completely dependent on our Mother Earth’s abundance at an older post:¬†Un-immunized Baby‚Ķ Great!


It is OUR choice as parents to research what is utterly most important for our beautiful babies development.

Let’s provide one another¬†with this severe knowledge that could potentially save many babies lives.

13 Love

You Are What You Drink!

Drinking water is extremely necessary for our bodies to function PROPERLY. Not drinking enough water in a day is similar to bathing ourselves without water! Sounds ridiculous right? Well, that’s how it sounds when some people say they do not “like” water! Do not be complacent because we simply cannot SEE what goes on within us and be apathetic towards what we drink & ingest.


Now, not EVERY water brand sold in the stores are beneficial for us. On the contrary, majority of brands actually torment our bodies in the long run.

Fluoridation is a disaster chemical added to our water without our consent.



“Toxins are the number one cause of aging. They are often a result of poor diet, pollution, and stress. Toxins can build up in your body causing cell damage that leads to premature aging. The best way to fight toxins and detoxify your body is with antioxidants. And it‚Äôs as easy as drinking antioxidant-rich Alkaline Water.” –¬†5 Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

PH balance of 8 & above is considered alkaline. In order for our bodies to survive, we need a PH balance of 7.4. Disease and bad health are linked to our bodies as a result of being too acidic, whereas, 0-6 PH balance.

A natural way to alkalinize your water is by adding lemons! Yes, lemons are acidic but they are also anionic. They help our bodies bounce to its best state! Now, take a lemon, cut it in 8ths, and let it sit in the comfort of your home, sunlight, or even over night under the moon for a good 8 hours. Heal thy body rather than damage it!

Obtaining a high PH balance is key to preventing disease and assisting thy body to heal itself with no help from medical sources! And by achieving an alkaline body, not only do we need plenty of alkaline water, but we also need to eat alkaline foods.

Drink healthier & be healthier, your body depends on it

13 Love


Sunlight to Live

The Sun is vital for our lives. The sun provides us with the growth of nutrients we need to survive. Thru photosynthesis, all of our food is created… because of the Sun. With Sun there is life, without Sun there is no life.

NO. Sunlight is NOT a cause for skin cancer. Sunlight actually protects AGAINST cancer. Because of lack of sunlight, many health problems may arise. No Sun=Problems Within Ourselves


Obtaining knowledge of beautiful light frequencies may activate our DNA coding by receiving sunlight. The light codes from the Sun are what is essential for our brain activity to work at its highest degree. Intuition, happiness, and health are just a few things that rise because of our bodies receiving LIGHT. We are able to become our Higher Self because of sunlight, because of light awakening our pineal gland and affecting our whole soul to become our greatest version. Pineal & DNA Activation

DNA Activation-2

Now, it is less possible to benefit from the Sun when your diet isn’t right. Fluoride, coffee, and a poor diet is toxic for our pineal gland. Thus lowering our vibration, our body immunity and our brain activity. AND making us more prone to get sun burned rather than a beautiful tan.¬†Enjoy the Sun More With a Good Diet

So let’s take advantage of the beautiful sun, and not listen to negative people saying negative things of our life source.¬†

Let’s get together & enjoyyyy the Sunnnn.

13 Love

Being positive is the only beneficial way of living life. Beneficial for the mind, body & spirit to sprout healthily. This post is may be cliche however, many humans fail to make positivity a habit rather than an occasional stepping stone.

In my personal experience, positive thinking saved me. I went thru a distressful depression for a few years. And because of negative & suicidal thinking, that led me to have health problems. High blood pressure, vomiting, anxiety attacks etc.

Once I finally forgave & found genuine happyness within myself, I led a beeutiful life that made me never want to go back!

Dr. Emoto conducted an experiment that showed the effects of positive & negative affirmations on frozen water crystals.

Negative thoughts not only effect our mood, they break everything down that is composed of us. Same goes with positive thoughts, however they rise our mood & effect everything we are by ascending us to a life full of light!

Cancer patients have even developed a positive way of life and even beat their disease! Positive Thinking Changes Lives

Just as the legend Bob Marley said, “Don’t worry, Be Happy.”

“Let’s Get Together & Feel Alright”

13 Love





Beautiful Without Wearing Toxic Cosmetics

BEAUTY PRODUCTS ARE SLOWLY KILLING US. HOW CAN THE U.S. NOT BAN TOXIC INGREDIENTS IN OUR MAKEUP? If this country doesn’t ban lethal toxins in our cosmetics, you can imagine what else they allow to be infected…

Ladies, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. So Beautiful enough to enjoy makeup that is ANIMAL FRIENDLY, and consisting of no chemicals that actually HARM us externally & internally in the long run. There is such thing as VEGAN makeup! Vegan/Organic makeup that is 100% natural and actually REPAIRS our skin & bodies to look and feel amazing.


This is one site that uses totally organic and vegan ingredients in makeup. Now, the prices may be a little higher than normal makeup. However, is it worth spending less on beauty makeup that is gradually poisoning us, or spending more for healthy, nourishing makeup that is gradually repairing us?!

Women, love yourselves enough to let go of these chemically-induced makeup brands. I know how much you want your “eyebrows fleeked,” but just fonder on the danger of every brush stroke and every eye liner arch, is doing to our bodies that we cannot even see?

We are beautiful, we are strong, let’s make it a trend to utilize organic, vegan makeup. Makeup that will make you healthy, & look, feel divinely.

Divine Within & Without.

13 Love 


Let Go of Your Ego & Be Natural

‚ÄúThe major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.‚ÄĚ Gregory Bateson

All of these roads, business buildings, federal reserve…everything we see besides nature is fabricated.

Fabricate (v.)- invent or concoct (something), typically with deceitful intent.

In the book of Revelation, it talks of this world being “Satan’s World.” The conclusion I make of that is majority of what we view and come across in today’s society is mislead by…you got it. By the way, in no way, shape or form am I religious. I believe in loving and knowing thyself and finding genuine happiness in our physical, and ascending to a divine reality that neither of us can fathom. BUT that is a whole other subject that I will post later on.

Think this thru:

Without all this fabrication in our reality ei. paying taxes, going to the same dead-beat job, life basically being lifeless… is that really what our purpose is as human beings? What would be the main goal in life when deceit is gone? TO BE IN TUNE WITH NATURE. Just as all of the species on this planet. Humans are the farthest from obtaining the divine plan…unfortunately. If humans were tuned in, humans would be happier, healthier, and their greatest version of themselves; spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Even the next generation of humans are being the most infested with distractions and UNNATURAL habits. I’m not the only one who thinks this way, National Wildlife Federation lists benefits of being in nature.

All this I’m saying is not opinion but FACT. Scientifically proven, prophesized etc. The human species can uplift themselves and one another…once we seize our ego & pride. For survival we need to eat right, stop murdering animal & plant species, raise our vibrational frequency to the same as AMMA, & FIND THE LIGHT WITHIN OURSELVES. 

We all deserve to live by the celestial plan & feel divine. Let’s assist one another to do so.

13 Love

Do Not Become a Slave

Do you ever wonder, if there is MORE to life than JUST pursuing work or school? Ultimately leading to thinking, doing and worrying about being happy…rather than money.

“Well this is the society we live in, how can we not worry about money?” One may ask.

One may be true. However, do not let money CONSUME our everyday thoughts, admirations, or priorities.

At the end of the day, money is paper, it is replaceable. If you worry about not having money, do not worry further because it will always find a way back in your pocket. (And that is all up to you of course)

Life is so beautiful without having to stress over tangible things that are so easily accessible and replaceable.

So, I’m not saying to not work or go to school. Because of the society we live in, we must have money in order to buy essentials in life.

I’m SAYING to get out of the mindset that we NEED money in order for us to feel fulfilled.

Think about it, if one day the government elimates the Federal Reserve and money is worthless and all the tangible things around us disappear… what happens then? What really is worth our energy?

LOVE. KNOWING THYSELF. And living for a divine purpose, which is to acheive becoming our greatest version.

Rather than being a slave in this material world, let’s learn to find our true meaning of life within ourselves.¬†

13 Love

Hair is Our Antenna

1 Corinthians 11:15But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for¬†her¬†hair is given her for a covering.”¬†

Numbers 6:5¬†¬†‚ÄúAll the days of his razor shall touch his head. Until the time is completed for which he separates himself to the¬†Lord, he shall be holy.¬†He shall let the locks of hair of his head grow long.”

I dedicate my life to do what is told in our good books. Because of these verses, I have decided to let nature be inhabited in my locs. I admire to know that I am obtaining the wisdom of the divinity of the Most High.

My Freeform, Neglect locs are in the making. 6 months in and I’m anticipating how they are meant to look. Freeform hair spirals together to create natural, un made locs.

¬†I am officially 2 months in my exciting journey to a higher spiritual connection.¬†Check out where I’m at with my locs at 2 months.¬†

| Spiral hair = “concentrated antennas” the nappier the hair the more power it has | ~ suzar.com


Un-immunized Baby… Great!

When people fathom Immunizations they think, prevention of various diseases and something ABSOLUTELY essential to survive in life. If we actually sat down and thought, immunizing our children may have more negative effects… than good ones. Where as, raising our children with the help of our beautiful Mother Earth… There is only divine help rather than a risk associated! ¬†Truth of Vaccines

As a mother I thought to myself. Am I really comfortable with allowing someone I barely know inject my daughter with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce?

If anyone knows, I KNOW. I am an invigorate, vegan ¬†mother of a 5 month, un-immunized beautiful, beyond healthy baby girl. She has had 3 different pediatricians and they all said the same thing, “Wow, your baby girl is so healthy!” Ever since she was born she has NEVER had any complications whatsoever, only thing she does have is hereditary which is Eczema. BUT, that only effects the skin and there are numerous natural ways to cure it. As of today, her skin is absolutely perfect. All love and thanks to AMMA. (Mother Earth)

While I was pregnant, all I ate was Certified Organic, NON Genetically Modified Food. So no artificial, harmful pesticides were in my daily diet. And, I delivered naturally with NO epidural. Therefore, my baby was developed the most precious way.

My husband and I¬†foresaw¬†that raising our daughter naturally, we would go through criticism because not the everyday parents raise their children this way. However, We always kept in mind, Our Child, Our Choice. At the end of day, we KNOW the infinite benefits of relying on the Earth’s abundance rather than the mislead death foods provided by the government.

So, a healthy baby doesn’t necessarily mean an immunized baby. A healthy baby means, caring and giving your baby the UTMOST aid and doing RESEARCH before believing word of mouth of people who live by “traditions.”

Now, I love showing off my baby girl because she is the product of purity and divinity. In addition to, the product of relying stricktly on nature.